PTC Chairman: Improving “Software” of Public Transport


The Public Transport Council (PTC) has submitted its first Advisory Report to the Minister for Transport.

The Report, the first of its kind, is entitled “Commuters at the Heart of Singapore’s Public Transport System”. The purpose of the Report is to make recommendations to improve the “software” of our public transport system. The “software” or touch points of commuter experience are extremely important as they affect the quality of the daily journey experience of commuters getting to work, school, market and other destinations.

The touch points include the ease and convenience of getting around within train stations, bus stops or bus interchanges, obtaining information on bus routes, train lines and directions to the right train platform, the comfort and experience of the bus/train rides, and service experience with bus captains, station staff and even fellow commuters.

In order to improve the “software” of our public transport, we must understand the needs of commuters, from the young ones to our ageing seniors. Our public transport must be inclusive to meet the needs of all commuters.

PTC had consulted our commuters widely through 44 in-depth interviews, 51 focus group discussions and a survey of over 2,000 commuters. The consultations were conducted across commuter groups (working adults, students, seniors, parents with young children and persons with disabilities) in English and other languages including local dialects.  We also monitored mainstream and social media to take in the views and comments of more than 500,000 sentiments on public transport matters.

The views of commuters have shaped the findings and recommendations of the Report. Many of our commuters’ concerns are immediate felt needs. They may appear small but taken collectively and in the context of about 8 million daily passenger trips, they are important.

PTC is honoured to be able to tell the stories of our commuters. Whether you are a regular adult commuter, student, senior, wheelchair user or parent with young children, we hope the recommendations will help make a difference to your journey experience.

Richard Magnus
Chairman, Public Transport Council
1 August 2016


Source: Channel NewsAsia


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