Commuters @ Heart of Information Provision

Information availability is important to our commuters, especially at significant ‘touchpoints’ of their journey experience. Before the commencement of a journey, commuters find bus apps on their mobile phones helpful in journey planning. Once on the bus, information like the bus number, next stop and final destination provide assurance to commuters on where they are headed. Finally, information on alternative routes is very important during train disruptions. Information provision helps commuters make informed decisions, which increases certainty and reduces anxiety for a more seamless and stress-free journey.

Provide More Information on Buses: (Ease)

Include information such as the bus service number and the final destination on electronic screens in buses. The electronic screens can also be used to disseminate real-time information regarding train disruptions and the affected stations.

Improve Commuter Preparedness with Awareness-building Videos: (Ease; Reliability)

Create an awareness-building video on what to do in a disruption. This video can be played regularly on display screens at MRT platforms. It can include for example, (a) advice to commuters to look out for yellow-coloured signs near exits; (b) simulate what commuters should do, for bus-bridging services (similar to the train-to-track detrainment video done by LTA and the Public Transport Security Committee). LTA and the public transport operators could collaborate on this video.

Raise Commuter Awareness of Taxi Stopping Rules: (Reliability; Safety)

More public education for commuters by putting messages such as ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ within taxis. Commuter-centric cues such as ‘No Stopping. Bus Lane’ at ‘hotspots’(Orchard Rd) can also be considered.


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