Commuters @ Heart of Design

Good public transport design revolves around the commuter. Increasingly, attention is being paid to the aesthetic design of infrastructure and facilities of the Singapore public transport system. This has not gone unnoticed by commuters, who appreciate these changes. At the same time, aesthetics must also be matched with functionality. Good design enhances journey comfort and convenience while providing commuters with ease of way-finding. Rather than overhaul our current bus stop designs or signage, our recommendations are meant to be considered for new bus stop designs or when older signs are due for replacement.

Design Future Bus Stops to be More Commuter-Friendly: (Safety; Ease; Comfort)

For new bus stops in future, to enhance comfort, seats can be wider and flatter, compared to the current bum-rests. In addition, seats with arm and back rests would also help senior citizens sit down and get up more easily. Especially at high human traffic bus stops, consideration can also be taken to ensure more space is available for commuters to move.

Design Buses that Encourage Commuters to Move to the Back: (Safety; Comfort)

Address various aspects of current bus designs as well as have a third rear exit to encourage commuters to move to the rear and allow others to board. In future when buses are being replaced, a design with one step that starts only at the last row could be considered as an option to alleviate the safety concerns of commuters.

Improve Signage for Better Way-Finding: (Ease)

Deepen the understanding of numbers that are already incorporated into signage to denote the direction/destination of trains.



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