Good Neighbours on Public Transport

A common theme emerging from our consultation exercise is that small gestures of care by both commuters and frontline staff can really enhance the whole public transport experience. While the government and public transport operators continue to improve on both the hardware and ‘heartware’ of Singapore’s public transport system, commuters themselves can also play a part in ensuring that the future of our public transport experience can be a safer and more pleasant one.

Cultivate More Empathy and Consideration: (Helpfulness)

Existing graciousness or kindness campaigns could incorporate messages to commuters to show courtesy and understanding to frontline staff as they carry out their duties. Schools and public transport providers could deepen collaboration by developing more opportunities for experiential learning so that students understand the challenges faced by other commuters such as wheelchair users, the elderly and even public transport frontline staff.

Remind Commuters To Be Mindful Of Safety: (Safety)

Leverage transport apps to prompt commuters to travel safely and not be too engrossed in their mobile devices.


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