On the right track to serve commuters better

It is good that the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has taken commuters’ feedback and voices seriously which were collated and reflected in PTC’s inaugural Advisory Report.

Importantly, LTA’s initiatives focus not only on the needs of commuters at large, but also on families with young children, the elderly, and commuters with special needs. This will make our public transport more inclusive for commuters.

LTA will be collaborating with institutes of higher learning to study the design of a system to safely secure open strollers on buses. LTA has also taken action to trial reduced escalator speeds, which is an issue that elderly commuters had brought up in our engagements. It will implement escalators with a dual speed feature (i.e. faster during peak hours, slower during off-peak hours) for all new rail lines in future, and this will be progressively rolled out as well for escalators at stations along the existing lines. These features are important in making commuters’ experience more convenient and comfortable. Other service enhancements can be found in LTA’s news release.

The service enhancements to be implemented by LTA and the operators will certainly help to raise the quality of our public transport system. They are steps on the right track to provide better rides for commuters and to achieve our car-lite vision for Singapore. PTC is confident that LTA and the operators will continue to build a sustainable public transport system that is a preferred choice for all.


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